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Hi, I'm Roxie


I love what I do!

At just 9 years old I decided to form a business helping other dog lovers feel more at ease when they had travel plans that weren't suitable for their dogs.  

Overnight stays, visits to amusement parks, weekend trips to Mackinaw Island, Great Wolf Lodge or even the casino (not that I have been) or even just a day in town for shopping, dinner and a movie, when it's not safe to leave the pet in the car.  My dog Lucy (that I share with my Grandma) becomes very anxious and frightened when we have to leave her so we typically ask friends or family but sometimes that isn't an option.  We do not like the idea of kenneling our baby girl.  I know many pet owners that feel the very same way.  That is how my business got started.

There is no place like home... but the cozy cabin is the next best thing!

I invite your pet into my home and treat them like my own.  I play with them, cuddle them, walk them several times a day and allow them to sleep on a bed (off the floor) so they feel right at home (no kennels). I care about their feelings so I keep them busy and cuddle them so they don't ever feel scared or homesick.  I like to keep my visits one on one so they get the full attention they deserve.  

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Roxie NEWS

Interview with Cheryl MacKay

with the North Channel Current


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